Established in 2001, our company is located in the historical region of Khorasan in North-east of Iran. We purchase fresh flowers directly from farmers and perform all processes –including removal of stigmas, dehydration and packing- in our factory and under a HACCP program and quality controlled procedure.Treating this precious spice with the respect it deserves, at Saffron Saffron Co. we ensure that our products not only meet but surpass the stipulations of international standards. Our team strives for excellence in terms of quality, packaging, shipment and delivery of pure and unadulterated organic Saffron with high coloring power and excellent flavor and aroma.Saffron Saffron Co. enjoys years of experience and outstanding level of expertise in the cultivation of Saffron and its export to all corners of the globe, including the European market and the US. We wholesale Saffron in a variety of packages at very competitive prices.