Our Philosophy
Our purpose is to bring you happiness and freshness from Mother Nature by bringing to your dishes the rich golden colour of organic saffron and its distinctive aroma. We strongly believe that each moment of our everyday life can be a source of meaning and inspiration. At Saffron Saffron Co. we bring this philosophy to every aspect of our products – from the careful picking of the finest flowers to the presentation.
We take great pleasure and pride in bringing waves of warmth and tendernous to your homes.

Brings you the best saffron from the land of Persia.

Popular products
We offer organic Saffron in various types of packaging with different weights (as follows) to meet your expectations
0.5gr, 1gr, 2.3gr, 3gr, 4gr, 5gr, 8gr, 10gr, 15gr, 20gr, 50gr, 100gr, 250gr, 500gr and 1000gr

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Iran: +98 513 2254673 , +98 513 2236295
No. 54, 3rd Modarress Street, Modarress Blvd. Mashhad, Iran